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    Libyadan Insaat Projeleri

    • İlan Sahibi : mustafa
    • Ülke / Şehir / İlçe : Türkiye / Kayseri
    • İlan Türü : Diğer İlanları
    • İlan Eklenme Tarihi : 20 Kasım 2008 Perşembe
    • İlan Bitiş Tarihi : 20 Kasım 2011 Pazar
    • Bulunduğu Sektör : İnşaat Taahhüt Hizmetleri

    Libyadan Insaat Projeleri İlan Açıklaması


    The project means the construction

    As the first party is a company whose aim is to win the execution of the project in LİBYA and is in need of the a consultant to provide the professionat service and is in need of a party to tender of fered. rearding the project the thing wich is avabilable though the second party
    As the second party is experiencend in the consultatıve work to execute all types of dams projects and having dealt with the .. LİBYA while second party will perform bes effort to secure the signature of the project contract for the first party in order this latter executes it in LİBYA against a specific rate in favor of second party for such consultations
    1-Administrative resolution to open a branch of the company in LİBYA inclunding the following
    a-definition of the activites of the main company and the LİBYAN regulations concerning the activities of the foreing companies in LİBYA
    b- Nomination of the director of the branch in llibya and should the bearer of the same nationality of the main company or the nationality of the owners or anational
    c-The amount of money regvired to institude a branch and to administrate it should not be inferior to -150.000-L.D
    2-Original copy of the institution contract documents and the main company
    3-A certification from the chamber of commerce of current date
    4-A commitment from the administration of the main company to prepare the annual budget and the profil-loss balance sheet of the branch
    5- a commitment from theadministration of the main company not to interfere with the LİBYAN internal political affairs
    6- what provesr the ability of the company in the field wishing to perfrom in LİBYA
    7-Completion of the apllication froms reguired to poen bransh lin libya prepared by the administration for this purpose
    The documents should be accompaied by a letter from the administration of the general compa

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