Hunting Stalking In Turkey ( / Antalya / Türkiye)
    Hunt In Turkey (Yönetim Kurulu Başkanı, CEO, Genel Müdür)

    Hunting Holiday In Turkey/wild Boar,deer

    • İlan Sahibi : Hunt In Turkey
    • Ülke / Şehir / İlçe : Türkiye / Antalya
    • İlan Türü : Satım İlanları
    • İlan Eklenme Tarihi : 24 Şubat 2008 Pazar
    • İlan Bitiş Tarihi : 22 Ağustos 2008 Cuma
    • Bulunduğu Sektör : Gezi Ve Turlar

    Hunting Holiday In Turkey/wild Boar,deer İlan Açıklaması

    Hunting Holiday in Turkey/Wild Boar,DeerWe handle weekly hunting stalks holidays in Turkey.Turkey; today is one of the richest countries of the world in the means of fauna. A large portion of Turkish fauna occupied by wild boars. Unlike the other species wild the other species wild boars breed twice a year which multiplies the number year after year.According the Islamic order; Consuming the meat of wild Boar is strictly prohibited and that helps the species to be well protected and causes rapid increase of the population.Each year many farmers suffer a lot from wild boars causing damages on the crops of the fields. The state has agreed to protect both wildlife and farmers rights and therefore in the certain regions of the country wild boar hunting season is kept open frequently almost all year around as well as fox hunting in the same areas.To experience wild boar and foe hunting in Turkish way; TURKEY HUNTING organizes hunting programs and the services with local hunters and chasers.The program are run all year around for minimum 4 hunters. Equipment and gun are provided by Ekol travel on request. Please, contact us for the details on the rates and available dates.Hunting holiday in Turkey hunting organisation hunting Turkey hunting Turkey hunting service hunting Turkey agency company Turkey Hunting agency Service Turkey hunting agency Turkey Hunting wild boar deer hunting ibex bezoar WILD BOAR BEZOAR IBEX DEER HUNTING HOLIDAY IN TURKEYAntalya - Kemer - Kas - ALanya - Anamur - Mersin - Konya - Izmir - Balıkesir - Bursa - Kayseri - Ankara - Burdur - Istambul - TurkeyWeb : E-mail :

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