Antalya Macera Ve Doğa Sporlari Organizasyonu (Alanya / Antalya / Türkiye)
    Antalya Macera Ve Doğa Sporlari Organizasyonu (Firma Sahibi / Ortağı)

    Aerial Cable Way To Summit Of Taurus Mountains

    • İlan Sahibi : Antalya Macera Ve Doğa Sporlari Organizasyonu
    • Ülke / Şehir / İlçe : Türkiye / Antalya / Alanya
    • İlan Türü : Takas İlanları
    • İlan Eklenme Tarihi : 20 Şubat 2008 Çarşamba
    • İlan Bitiş Tarihi : 18 Ağustos 2008 Pazartesi
    • Bulunduğu Sektör : Gezi Ve Turlar

    Aerial Cable Way To Summit Of Taurus Mountains İlan Açıklaması

    AERIAL CABLE WAY TO SUMMIT OF TAURUS MOUNTAINS Sea to sky...Summit of Taurus Mountains in Turkey,2365 Mt. The Tahtali Aerial Cableway uniquely combines two classic holiday destinations – the sea and the mountains. Mount Tahtali, at 2,365m above sea level, is situated in an attractive and rapidly growing tourist area and provides the region with a new dimension.Southe

    Turkey is on the one hand shaped by the sea, its landscapes and culture, and on the other by the outstanding services and activities it has to offer. With more than 300 days of sunshine a year, it is undoubtedly an attractive holiday destination for guests from Europe the whole year round. And of course, Mount Tahtali is a major landmark of this booming region that is impossible to overlook!Mount Tahtali lies at the heart of the Antalya tourist region with several hundred-thousand hotel beds conveniently found in close proximity, approximately a third of which are in 5-star hotel establishments. The possibilities and offers open to guests are boundless: swimming, diving, golf, sailing, sunbathing, culture or the extremely popular excursions. Here, Mount Tahtali offers a brand new experience, with a stupendous view over the whole of southe

    Turkey and, naturally, the sea.Diversity is an important factor for any successful tourist destination. And the contrasting experience the Mount Tahtali Aerial Cableway provides is a masterpiece! Having enjoyed sunbathing on sandy beaches in the morning, guests are then able to while away the afternoons amid the pleasantly cool temperatures of a snowy mountain summit. The aerial cableway brings the mountains and sea closer together – the Tahtali cable car provides Europe with a unique combination that is hard to match.Unique experiences await: approach through a nature conservation area, mode

    base station, ride in a cabin with a capacity of 80, summit station with panorama terrace, 360° view, restaurant, short walks ...!!! tahtali mountain aerial ca

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